In October 2020, ACI Seed conducted promotional campaigns for its Hybrid dhan-6 in 58 territories. The customer engagement was intended for the upcoming Boro season 2020-21 starting from December. With the involvement of 71 ACI Seed officials, information sessions for farmers were organized and posters as well as festoons were placed in different key locations within the territories. ACI’s Hybrid dhan-6 is a market-leading long-grain slender rice variety in Bangladesh. It has a long panicle with 300-350 grain/panicle. With special characteristics of blast tolerance, the variety gives a yield of around 8-9 MT/Ha. ACI’s Hybrid dhan-6 will be a profitable choice for farmers in the upcoming Boro season which is sown during December-January and harvested in April-May.
Another 10-day campaign to promote Hybrid Rice took place in Barishal and Khulna region where 4 ACI Seed officials organized 30 promo events during October 2020.