Almost all of us have heard about Ice Age. Some may have seen the animated movie series with the same title as well. It was a long-period throughout which temperature was reduced to such extent that continental and polar ice sheets s well as alpine glaciers expanded in the earth’s surface. It is estimated that there were 11 different ice ages, the last one being named as ‘The Great Ice Age’ which occurred 11,000 years ago.
There are two schools of thought among scientists for the ice age. One believes that it never rained but only snowed as the temperature was much colder. The other thinks that the earth changed its tilt away from the sun to initiate the ice age. Ice Age people lived 35,000 years ago. The men hunted and the women and children prepared the food and made the clothing and shelters. Every part of the animal that was hunted was used. Some of the animals that could be found during the Ice Age were the woolly mammoth, wooly rhinos, cave bears, horses, wolves, bison, and reindeer. Woolly mammoths, cave bears, and woolly rhinos are now extinct, but we know they existed during the Ice Age because people painted pictures of these animals on the sides of their caves. The skeletons of the animals have also been found. Cuts in these bones, from the hunters’ knives, were found and in some cases, the knives had been left sitting next to the skeleton.
Life in Ice Age was challenging for sure. Right now, the earth is facing the opposite with the temperature rise. We now call it Global Warming.