ACI Fertilizer is promoting NEB and NPKS Fertilizer-Ratno through extensive integrated marketing communication for past couple of months. As part of these efforts a number of roadshows, leaflet, poster, festoon, etc. are being used vastly. In January 2018, several activation programs took place at different spots of Netrokona. ACI Fertilizer had arranged different campaigns to increase awareness on the effectiveness of both products among the end users. Different demonstration, training and partnership programs in collaboration with Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) has been conducted by field force. The products also received broader coverage from all kind of online, print and electronic media. Nitrogen Efficiency for Bioavailability (NEB) is a blend of natural Root Exudates that maximizes microbial activities in the soil. Plants get more of the N for a longer period of time by using NEB which assists to provide significant growth advantages of plants. NEB is now applied to increase its uptake and decrease environmental impact by reducing usage of urea fertilizer. On the other hand, Ratno is a balanced fertilizer containing a proper mixture of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and Sulfur (S) which are most important nutrients for yield. Generally, farmers apply single fertilizer which is not sufficient for multi-cultivating lands. To bridge the gap, “Ratno” provides balanced nutrients to soil which ensures timely yield, growth, flowering and fruiting cycle.