This is an ongoing work in the ASRBC lab. Every day various tests are being done for various purposes and also new protocols are being developed for various research purposes. The protocols for the following research purpose are yet to establish. The following process is being implemented to find out the desired result.
The process being followed for the bacterial isolation is showed in a flow chart which is as follows.

  • Symptoms on the scabby potato tubers were recorded before the tubers were surface-disinfected in 70% ethanol for 20s and then rinsed several times in sterile distilled water
  • Therefore, from each tuber, a small piece of potato tissue was cut from under the surface of a single lesion at the border between healthy and infected tissue and then homogenized in 200µl sterile distilled water and incubated for 30 min at the room temperature
  • A 100µl aliquot of the homogenate was plated out on water agar and incubated

Colonies are still yet to form as it requires around a week for the colonies to grow. Then phenotypically Streptomyces will be characterized and placed into Yeast Malt Extract Agar. To obtain pure cultures it has to be again transferred to fresh medium. Then the Streptomyces isolates will have to be grown on TME agar plates at 28°
For further storage purpose the plates can be stored at -80°C

Prepared by
Aqief Afzal
Research Assistant, ASRBC, ACI LTD.