The green fleshy fruit kiwi is a fast-growing climbing plant that needs sufficient space, a sheltered and sunny position. When it comes to productivity only one self-fertile cultivar plan is enough but if not it is always better to plant a male and female cultivar together.
In addition to this, some tips which might give a boost in the production and efficiency of the fruit are stated:
The timing makes a work perfect:
Kiwi plants are to be planted in the spring after the frost has passed as it starts bearing fruit within three to five years after planting
Space gives growth
As Kiwi is a space-loving fruit sufficient space and a sunny position would give a better result. Planting more than one plant 3 to 4.5 meters apart would do the work.
Support Matters:
This climbing bunch is vigorous vines and needs large and sturdy support. A wall, fence, or pergola is an ideal supporter of it.
Training prepares for what is needed:
Kiwis are best grown as espaliers having a central stem and several tiers of horizontal branches on each side. Timely pruning and training both in winter and summer will call off a good yield.