ACI Fertilizer’s arranged a 2 days long learning program for its Dhaka Zone Field force at Mymensingh. Conducted by the SBU’s training department, the program took place from 9 to 10 October 2018. The major purpose of the learning session was to refresh the knowledge and skills in terms of selling, pitching, communicating, product knowledge etc. The program was designed in 3 different segments. In the first day, the trainers delivered product knowledge of 6 key brands - NPKS Ratno, Organic, Vitamix, Fertimix, NEB and Promoter. The field forces got to know about the key benefits, application doses and unique features of those products. Scheduled farmer meeting method for business was the key issue for the second segment of the event. A demo was displayed for having an adequate knowledge in this regard. In the 2nd day of the learning session, field forces went through a practice session for scheduled farmer meeting. Individually all of the participants performed and representatives from the training department gave them feedback where required. In the last segment, ‘individual farmer contact’ based learning session was conducted for the ACI Fertilizer field force.