Sharing is caring quote directly resembles Mango. It is great to share a mango with the loved ones, because Mango is a symbol of Love. According to Botany, Mango is a drupe, consisting of an outer skin. There is a fleshy edible part having a single seed as central stone for which it is also known as stone fruit.

This wonderful fruit was first found in the Indian region over 5000 years ago. The seeds traveled with man from Asia to different regions of the world in around 300 or 400 A.D

Indian plant-bearing mangoes indicating the species name of mango has been meeting the nutritional, taste, health and medicinal demands of human beings from ancient age. Besides its delicate taste and elixir essence mango tree bark, leaves and skin were used as remedies for different diseases for centuries. Mango also has touched the field of art after meeting the basic demands. It is found in the famous Paisley pattern which is inspired from the mango shape pattern.

Such diversification gives us the sense of most popular and demanding king in world of fruits. Nevertheless, the more mango consumed, it is always less.