Minerals Licking Brick is quite popular for livestock farming worldwide as it ensures that animals fulfill their nutrient needs on their own. ACI Animal Health introduces new dosage form -PEPRICK B5 (Minerals Licking Brick) for the first time in Bangladesh. This Minerals Licking Brick is enriched with Himalayan Rock Salt, source of trace minerals, Vitamin E - Selenium and Fructose. Minerals ensure proper growth and productivity and Vitamin E - Selenium maintains reproductive health. The unique thing about PEPRICK B5 is that animals themselves will lick the brick as per their requirement and fulfill their nutrient requirements. Generally, for livestock farming in Bangladesh, minerals are supplied to the animals as feed additives. As a result, there are high chances of inadequate mineral supply due to inappropriate mixing or other issues in feed. Minerals Licking Brick of ACI ensures appropriate nutrients supply. Besides, this dosage form also prevents many vices of animal like- PICA, Tongue swing, etc. caused by mineral deficiencies. Livestock farmers are benefited with maximum production with low production cost. This innovation from ACI will ensure adequate production of meat and milk. We hope that such innovative solutions will play a vital role for the development of livestock sector in Bangladesh.