Molecular characterization involves characterization at the molecular level without any influence of the environment or growth or physiological condition. That is why DNA based markers are known as molecular markers and characterization using these, is molecular characterization. There are currently two groups of characterization approaches: based on plant morphology and based on molecular markers (biochemical and DNA markers). Now, the molecular characterization mainly depends on what character or phenotype anyone wants to observe/analyze! And that can be determined by using that character-specific primer(s), those are designed using character-specific genetic sequence. In general, high yield, better quality, more adapted to abiotic stress or more resistant to pest & pathogens etc. (Herna ´n Laurentin, 2009) are used as molecular parameters for the plant. But finding the parameters will depend on markers.

Characterization is essential for plant protection (Arif et al., 2010), to build genebank for stored/collected germplasm management and appropriate utilization of plant genetic resources (Youg Bi Fu, 2007). It can also identify accessions and discern genetic relationships among genotypes.