Madhupur, a renowned Upazila of Tangail, is celebrated for its thriving fruit cultivation. The nurturing soil of Madhupur Gar in Tangail provides an ideal environment for fruit trees to flourish. Throughout the year, a variety of fruits such as papaya, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, olive, mango, guava, malta, and dragon fruits can be found growing abundantly in this region. Additionally, Batabi and Paper Lemons are the guest crops in the orchard, while ginger-turmeric cultivation serves as a bonus for this area. Presently, pineapple cultivation spans approximately 28,000 acres in Madhupur Gar. Litchi, banana, plum, and papaya are introduced at different times alongside pineapple, but the most commercially produced crop remains pineapple. Inhabitants also commercially cultivate litchi and banana.

For a long time, the farmers of Madhupur have been utilizing ACI Fertilizer products. However, the use of organic fertilizers such as Bumper Trichocompost and Bumper Tricho (Trichoderma) is steadily increasing in this area. In addition to various fruit gardens, farmers are also using ACI products in cereal crops and vegetables. Organic fertilizers are being used to enhance soil health and increase soil microbe activities, while Trichoderma is utilized to protect plants from soil-borne diseases, ultimately contributing to increased crop yields.

In line with the Sustainable Development Project of ACI aimed at enhancing crop quality and yield, the ACI Fertilizer team has been closely collaborating with approximately 10,000 farmers in Madhupur Upazila over the past three months through its distribution and field networks. The team is providing training to farmers, dealers, and retailers on the use of bio-products and demonstrating their benefits on crops. Rifat Hussain, a dedicated farmer using ACI products, expressed his satisfaction with the health and plant density of his pineapples after using ACI Organic Fertilizer and ACI Bumper Trico in his pineapple field. He is expecting 15-20% higher yield of crops. Furthermore, 23 other farmers in the area have been motivated to adopt ACI's organic and bio-fertilizers in their crop fields.