The process of transfer of pollen started around 130 to 150 million years ago. In general, it is the way of plant to continue its generation in ages. Millions of years passed, different species took birth and went for evolution with time. The aesthetic floral look we see is a result of this process.

Nature has her own ways to let the species survive and continue its existence in her womb. Pollination is a wonderful process adapted and adjusted in ways according to the type and nature of plants, pollinators, pollen, weather, climate etc. There are mainly two types of pollination, self and cross pollination. Almost every process of nature has its own pros and cons where self-pollination gives good result with less pollen and on the other hand, cross gives birth to a new variety.

From ancient times curiosity and not knowing facts gave rise to myths. Likewise, pollination has its own myths. Bees being counted as only pollinators, banning all pesticides to save pollinators, Genetically Modified (GM) crops are the main threat to pollinators, robots can replace natural pollinators etc.

Pollination continues plant and plant continues life. Having a bit of (pollination) knowledge might save life.