“Having a name unlike the Berry
Looks alike the color of a cherry
With thousand seeds
Indeed, a fruit from Heaven
Happy is the person to whom it is given.”

Few poetic words would not be enough to portray the enormous significance and vital history of a fruit, none other than ‘Pomegranate’. Since the beginning, the white-seeded fruit has been highly concomitant with the history of mankind regarding religion, culture, beliefs, traditions and food habits. Such a significant fruit would never fail us to amaze with the facts it holds.

• Not exactly looking like a berry it falls in the beery family
• The good news for the health conscious is that pomegranates do not contain cholesterol or harmful saturated fats
• A Pomegranate tree can live for more than 200 years
• Each fruit can hold over 1000 seeds in, resembling the meaning of its name ‘the apple with many seeds
• It is highly rich in vitamin C and Folic Acid
• In Greek Mythology, the pomegranate was known as the ‘the fruit of the dead’