Md. Abu Taleb, Haridanga, Rajarhat, Kurigram is a contract farmer of BADC for potato seed production. This year, he was using NEB in his 33 decimal land for demonstration. Here he used 50% urea+NEB and getting an excellent result. He is expecting a higher yield as well as cost saving.

NEB (Nitrogen Efficiency Bioavailability) is a root exudes which increases soil microbes that capture nitrogen. Billions of microbes release Nitrogen at different times which creating a more consistent supply of Nitrogen. This is a product imported from the USA which saves the use of urea up to 50%. NEB is a 100% natural product and suitable for Potato, Maize, Wheat, Spice crop and vegetables.

The demand for urea in our country is 2.6 Mio MT in a year. Every year Government of Bangladesh is giving BDT 20000-25000 Mio subsidies in Urea. It is a great opportunity to save both government and farmers’ money by using NEB.