Precision seeding, as an integrated part of precision farming, is a method of seeding that deals with two major aspects - precise spacing and proper depth for seed placement. The traditional hand-seeding is not only laborious but also inaccurate to a large extent. Today, technological innovation in tractor-mounted seed drills and planters is making precision seeding accessible for farmers. Precision seeding results in bumper yields with less seed and other inputs including fertilizer and pesticides. In western Uttar Pradesh of India, 25.4% better yield has been achieved through use of precision seeding in wheat along with reduced input costs, greater crop uniformity. Furthermore, precision seeding with geomapping can reduce seed requirement. In this case, most seeds are planted in soil with favorable growing conditions. The ultimate goal is to get more with less for the farmers. Dr. F H Ansarey Managing Director & CEO ACI Agribusiness
Seeder using a geomapping system Photo Credit: CEMA- European Agricultural Machinery