ACI Fertilizer promoted soluble potash under the brand name “Bumper Quick Potash” for foliar application throughout April 2020. Quick Potash contains 50% Potassium and 17% Sulphur. It can be applied at any stage of the plants as a foliar application or mixing with other fertilizers. The plant can uptake the nutrient (Potassium) rapidly after application. It ensures the resistance power of the plants as well as more crop production.
Potassium is one of the most used fertilizers in our country and it is used as soil application. Plant needs potassium at different stages to complete the life cycle. After a certain time, especially at the time flowering and fruiting, plant can’t uptake nutrients from the soil. So there is a need for foliar application to fulfill the nutrient deficiency.
Besides, Potassium plays important roles in many fundamental processes in plants including enzyme activation, cellular homeostasis, membrane transport, osmoregulation and immunoreaction. The application of Potassium fertilizer has been reported to decrease the incidence of plant diseases, especially blast. The foliar application of Potassium reduces damage caused by blast on rice.