In June 2022, Retailers’ meetings of ACI Fertilizer took place at Bagli Bazar, Pangsha, Rajbari and Golonda Bazar, Sadar, Faridpur. There were 36 retailers from Pangsha and 50 retailers from Faridpur who attended these events. Sales Manager Mr. Zillur Rahman along with Area Manager Mr. Abu Taher and marketing officers conducted these meetings. ACI Fertilizer team shared different products on USP, Application Technology and core benefit of Bumbper Surokkha Joibo Sar, Humistar, Bumper Sulfo King, Bumper Tricho, Bumper Monozinc, Bioferty etc. with the retailers present in the program. The retailers shared their experience of doing business with ACI Fertilizer and expressed their satisfaction regarding product quality, price and distribution. They ensured that they will increase the growth of sales of ACI Fertilizer products in the upcoming season.