ACI Agribusiness, the leading aggregator of Agri-inputs in Bangladesh has launched Rupali in collaboration with World Fish & DoF. Rupali has been hailed as a welcome change in the aquaculture ecosystem which has been beset with numerous problems that served as potential drawbacks to achieving optimum growth. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), Rupali – Digital Platform is aiming to change the current scenario of Fish farming. By the use of AI, this platform will send automated suggestion by analyzing the pattern. AI will help Rupali to optimize the Input and Labor cost. With the support of Iot, the digital platform will monitor the water quality of ponds which eventually helps to reduce the risk that leads to increase of fish production.

The purpose of ‘Rupali’ is to significantly enhance the capacity of smallholder farmer and the extension agents through customized advisory services, information and insight on advanced aquaculture practice. Rupali aims to be a catalyst in terms of providing access to quality inputs, product knowledge through the local input providers in order to increase productivity of small holder fish farmers who are facing various numerous challenges, low Productivity, low profitability, inadequate extension & quality input. Rupali can be a potential game-changer in terms of ensuring sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Dr. F H Ansarey
Managing Director & CEO
ACI Agribusiness