Salt is one of the most useful tools in your kitchen arsenal. Beyond seasoning, salt can be used as a cooking medium, stain remover, cleaning agent for dirty dishes and so much more. Here are 3 ingenious kitchen hacks worth more than their salt.

Chill Out
Unexpected guests ring the doorbell, and not a frosty beverage in sight? Adding salt to a mixture of cold water and ice will help get your soft drinks cooler faster than sticking them in the freezer (as an added bonus, you don’t run the risk of forgetting them in the freezer and dealing with explosions the next day).

Stains Away
For those who feel imperiled whenever gravy come into proximity with white pants, rugs and carpets, fear not; salt can be your savior. For clothing, sprinkle salt over the stain to absorb the liquid or grease, then soak before laundering. In the case of carpets or rugs, heap salt over the stain to absorb the liquid, then let it sit for a few hours or overnight, and vacuum up the excess.

Coffee Time
Some people see the interior of their favorite coffee mug on a daily basis, and it’s a depressing start to the day when that mug is marred with ghosts of coffee's past. Stubborn rings around the interior of a French press or coffee mugs can be cleaned out with salt, a few drops of water and a quick wipe for a sparkling outlook to the work week.