In August 2018, ACI Seed showcased Hybrid Okra Bullet and Bottle Gourd Moyna through field days. The field day on Bullet was arranged in the fields of lead farmers Md. Mithu and Md. Mintu at Belgachhi, Lalpur in Natore on 19 August 2018. 200 local farmers, dealers, retailers, and consumers attended the field day. Md. Mithu and Md. Mintu cultivated Bullet in 50 decimal and 80 decimal lands respectively. They harvested 10 ton/acre yields from their fields on an average. The participants acknowledged that the yield will be even higher in the optimum season. The Bullet variety performed better against virus infestation and produced higher yield due to shorter inter-node distance (3-4cm). Another field day on Hybrid Bottle Gourd Moyna was arranged on 14 August 2018 at Ramdanga, Dimla in Nilphamari. About 50 farmers gathered in the demo plot of local farmer Md. Milon on the field day. Md. Milon cultivated Moyna variety in his 40 decimal of land and was able to harvest 40-45 fruits from each plant. He spent about Taka 20000 (Twenty Thousand) only but sold for Taka 100000 (One Lac) resulting in a net profit of Taka 80000 (Eighty Thousand). Lead farmers, prominent dealers, local leaders, TO, ASM, PE, and PM attended the field days at both Natore and Nilphamari.