Rice production cost of Bangladesh is relatively higher than other neighbouring countries. Reason behind this is, farmers face lots of challenges during the season of harvesting besides hostile and inclement weather. Scarcity of harvest labours is a serious concern. Apart from that, soil condition is not the same in various cultivable lands of the country where different types of rice are getting produced. Waterlogging and muddy soil cause serious harms to farmers as the lands become unable to harvest. In addition to that, urban focused young generation, decreasing cultivable land, increasing labour wages are the obstacles to develop agricultural sector. To overcome these challenges, farmers need such machines which are sensor driven, highly stable and durable, require less maintenance and troubleshooting, operable in muddy condition and can cut lodged crops swiftly. The machines should be excellent in terms of quality and must have a life span of at least 5 years after self-service. There should be availability of spare parts along with financial scheme from the suppliers. Also the operator/driver should be trained up to use the machines.