Sharing a fact can be sometimes useful for others. One would be amazed to know that Kiwi is not a fruit rather it is a well-known bird. Yes, you heard it right. This greenish fruit was named after one the most famous bird of New Zealand Kiwi. This name comes from the similarity of appearance as both of them are small, furry, and brown-green.
Surprisingly such a cute-looking fruit can be allergic to some people because of the substance actinidin it contains. But being able to eat kiwi regularly can be called a blessing as it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases by not allowing blood to form clots and reducing harmful fats. Not only that, it can help improve the digestive system, immune system, and respiratory function.
Kiwi is being consumed for almost 700 years. Marking China as its origin, New Zealand was the first to cultivate Kiwi outside China giving it a China-friendly name ‘Chinese Gooseberries. Just by changing the name, they didn’t stop there rather New Zealand gave birth to a completely new variety of fruit known as The Gold variety. An interesting fact is the new variety was just like the traditional one except for its yellowish flesh and a hint of mango in the taste.
Just like other fruits, the usefulness we get comes with some drawbacks. Excess eating of kiwi might cause diarrhea due to its enormous fiber content. Besides sensitive mouth and tongue can be irritated while eating kiwi fruit. Indeed, the matter kiwi gives a roller coaster ride.