ACI Fertilizer has recently organized a Soil testing kit launching program in Sreemangal Upazilla Agriculture Office (UAO), Moulvibazar on 14 August 2018. Upazilla Agriculture Officer inaugurated the event in the presence of Agriculture Extension Officer, Zonal Sales Manager, Product Development Officer and representatives from ACI Fertilizer’s Distributor M/S Janani Enterprise. In her opening speech, the Upazilla Agriculture Officer highlighted different aspects of soil fertility, plant nutrition, growth and the overall situation of Sreemongal Upazilla’s agriculture. She also pledged to provide support to ACI Fertilizer for the betterment of soil health and plant nutrient deficiencies in the locality. Afterward, Zonal Sales Manager conducted a vital session about ACI’s mission and vision for improved soil health and plant nutrition. Product Development Officer exhibited the soil testing procedure practically to the participants of the occasion. A meeting with lemon garden farmers was also conducted by ACI Fertilizer Sreemangal team at Grand Taj Hotel & Restaurant in Sreemangal on 15 August 2018. Zonal Sales Manager, Plantation Executive, distributor M/S Janani Enterprise, M/s. KrisiBitan and 20 model farmers were present in the meeting. The program was conducted by Zonal Sales Manager to develop a sustainable relationship with model farmers. Plantation Executive shared his knowledge with the distributors and farmers in the event followed by an open Q&A session.