Soybeans contain all 8 amino acids, all of which are essential for human nutrition. Here are some more amazing facts about Soybean:
• Soybeans are 18% oil and 38% protein.
• Most baked breads, cookies, crackers, pies and cakes contain soy oil.
• Soy-based oils are used as lubricants and can withstand higher temperatures that of petroleum-based oils.
• The Soybean is the highest natural source of dietary fiber.
• Soybean oil is the second most important vegetable oil. The first is palm oil.
• Soybeans grow from seed as an annual crop; they produce and die in a single growing season.
• Soy-seeds can be yellow, green, black, brown or bi-colored in color.
• Soy ink is used to print newspapers and textbooks.