The Soybean is called the “Miracle Bean” because of its amazing versatility. Soybeans are used in a variety of consumer and industrial products. Soy oil can be converted to biodiesel fuel with a process called “transesterification”. This eco-friendly fuel has proven to burn cleaner than traditional petroleum-based fuels. Here are few points on usage of Soybeans:
• Every part of the Soybean is used in some way.
• Soybeans and newspaper are combined to produce renewable building materials known as biocomposites. Soybean-based products are frequently used in construction as fuel and other building supplies.
• Soy products are used in carpet fabrication, furniture coverings and auto upholstery.
• Soy oil can be a cleansing agent as well. The oil releases a solvent that has been used to remove oil from shorelines after spills. The solvents can also be found in many industrial cleansers.
• Soybeans also find their way into candles, cleaning products and hair-care products.
• After farmers harvest the beans from the field, they are processed, where the bean is separated into two parts. Most of the bean is meal, which contains protein, and is used in food products or feed for animals, such as chickens, pigs and cows.
• The other portion of the bean is oil, some of which is used as cooking oil, which is commonly labeled vegetable oil. It is also used in many different products –machine oil, paint, candles, beauty supplies and even crayons.