ACI Seed’s Variety Selection Team for Rice visited the rice trial experiments at RDA, Bogura on 6 and 22 October 2018 for choosing the best rice variety for the business. Six experiments were conducted with the title of “materials for evaluation in hybrid trial, T. Aman 2018; materials of medium profile rice in PYT, T. Aman 2018 and quality grain rice genotypes of PYT, high profile rice, T. Aman 2018”. All the experiments were comprised of 73 germplasms including foreign materials, own R&D materials and market leading checks in Aman 2018 season. The variety selection team went through the field and monitored the plots of each replication. Each trait was scored in the prescribed questionnaire form to select the best performing variety unbiasedly. Moreover, the selected variety was harvested and threshed in front of the team, and yield and grain characters were recorded. And finally, the team selected few promising varieties comparing to markets leaders and recommended for further process. The ACI Seed’s Variety Selection Team for Rice includes Head of Business – ACI Seed (Convener), DGM – Seed Production (Member), Manager – PDS (Member), Product Executive – Rice Seed (Member), and Deputy Project Leader – ACI-IRRI PPP (Member Secretary).