Considering the production of about 10 million tones of potatoes in the country, there is an urgent need for diversified use of the harvested potatoes. As a result, the processing of potato for domestic use and export markets has been identified as a national priority for effective management of the potatoes produced in Bangladesh, as well as for sustainable production of potato in the country. It is expected that there will be a sharp rise in global commercial frozen potato French fry market during the 2018-2025 period (Fig.1).

Fig.1. Global frozen French fry market, 2018-2025.

Potato French fry is getting popularity in Bangladesh and is an important processed food item of high demand in the world market. Recently, ASRBC-ACI Agribusiness has developed 3 potato varieties, suitable for making frozen French fry (Table 1.). The varieties have been registered with Seed Wing-MoA as ACI Fry Alu-1, -2 & -3. Fried French fries of ASRBC’s potato varieties, appeared to be of high-quality, as evaluated through a taste test conducted at ASRBC, involving a panel of judges (Fig.2).

Fig.2. French fry taste test at ASRBC

The present study is being carried out by Prof. Dr. Md. Abdus Siddique, Dr. A.S.M. Nahiyan, and Mr. Saiful Islam of ASRBC, in order to evaluate the present status and potentialities of high-quality potato frozen French fry production in the country.
The objectives of the study are as follows:
General objective: To assess and document present status and potentialities of high-quality potato frozen French fry production in Bangladesh.
Specific objectives: (i) To conduct a survey on present status of production, import, export, use and market demand of potato frozen French fry in Bangladesh; (ii) To determine the quality, consumers’ preference and cost-effectiveness of frozen French fry produced in a potato processing factory of Dhaka, using the potato varieties developed by ASRBC; (iii) To estimate the cost of production and financial return in production of processed potato; (iv) To introduce promising processing potato varieties from Germany, the Netherlands, and carry out field evaluation under local conditions.
Expected outcome of the study: Documented report on the size of frozen French fry market in Bangladesh.

Prepared by: Potato Research Team of ASRBC, ACI Agribusiness