April 2024

A 18-post collection

Nano Urea: Advancing Crop Nutrition for Efficiency & Sustainability

Nano Urea, developed using Nanotechnology, marks a significant advancement in nutrient delivery systems. It offers precise nutrient doses to crops, minimizing waste and environmental impact. In Bangladesh, where Urea demand is 2.9 million tons (source: BRRI), mostly for rice cultivation, Nano Urea presents a promising alternative to traditional methods, »

Enhanced Genome Editing Benefits from Magnetofection

Magnetofection is a technique that combines magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) with nucleic acids (such as plasmid DNA, siRNA, or other genetic material) to facilitate their delivery into target cells using an external magnetic field. While magnetofection is primarily used for gene delivery, it can also offer several benefits for genome editing »

Site Directed Nucleases (SDN) for Targeted Genome Modification

SDN is the collective term for the technique of creating a specific break in DNA with a nuclease, an enzyme that cuts DNA. Targeted modifications to the plant's traits are intended to be introduced by using the DNA break and the plant's inherent repairing systems. Site-directed nucleases (SDNs) are a »

Sonalika Tractor Demo and Smart Choice Fair Across Bangladesh

In March 2024, ACI Motors organized dynamic Sonalika Tractor demonstrations and Smart Choice Fairs in various regions across the country. These initiatives aimed to showcase the superior performance and reliability of Sonalika Tractors while providing customers with an opportunity to explore smart choices in agricultural equipment. In six strategic locations »

ACI Motors hosts Sonalika Iftar Party in Ramadan

March 2024 marked a month of celebration and gratitude as ACI Motors, Bangladesh's leading provider of agricultural machinery, hosted an extravagant Sonalika Iftar Party to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan. Across 152 locations nationwide, stakeholders of Sonalika Tractors gathered to partake in this joyous occasion, fostering bonds of unity »

ACI Agrolink hosts Inception Workshop on Super SPF-BTS

ACI Agrolink recently organized an Inception Workshop focusing on Super Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Black Tiger Shrimp (BTS) Nursery and Contract Farming in Kaliganj. The event, part of the Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project, took place at the Upazila Parishad Auditorium, commencing at 10 a.m. on Monday, 11 »

Bioferti Plus: Flourishing Vegetables Garden

Meet Mr. Ismail, a dedicated farmer from Shahebabad, Cumilla District, who embraced the innovative solution, Bioferti Plus, in his vegetable garden. Cultivating bottle gourd on his 25-decimal plot, Ismail recognized the significance of soil health and plant nutrition, turning to ACI Fertilizer for their quality products and expert advice. With »

ACI Seed Unveils High-Yielding Wheat Varieties Enriched with Gluten

In a groundbreaking move, ACI Seed pioneered the commercial launch of two high-yielding wheat varieties from the private sector under the brand names "ACI Gom 1" and "ACI Gom 2" in the fiscal year 2023-24. These varieties have been meticulously introduced into the agricultural landscape after »

Silkworms Engineered for Super Silk

Experts have been trying to modify silkworm genes to create silk with new properties, like spider silk's strength. This goal is faced with numerous challenges, but researchers from Jiangsu University of Science and Technology in China and partners explored using various techniques for genetically engineering silkworms, such as TALENs and »

Transgenic Cow Generates Milk with Human Insulin

Scientists generated a transgenic cow that produces milk with human insulin. Their research may help patients with diabetes. Insulin deficiency or resistance may cause diabetes, which is a disease that can severely damage various body organs. In order for their body to function properly, diabetics need to inject insulin for »

Machine Learning Model Predicts Effect of Climate Change to Rice Yields

American researchers produced a predictive model to identify the effects of climate change on rice yields. The strategies from their research may be applied to other crop species. The United States of America is one of the top rice exporters in the world. However, their production is affected by genetics »