December 2018

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Nano-fertilizer – for significant economic and environmental benefits

A controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) is a granulated fertilizer that releases nutrients gradually into the soil. Slowing the release of plant nutrients from fertilizers can be achieved by different methods and the resulting products are known as slow-or controlled-release fertilizers. The gradualness of the release is determined by the low solubility »

Sonalika Tractor Leadership Program with Stakeholders

Marking the 12th launching anniversary, ACI Motors arranged Sonalika Tractor Leadership Program at Vinno Jagat Park, Rangpur on 10 November 2018. The daylong celebration was attended by 300 Tractor Commission Agents, Dealers, and Reference Customers of entire Rangpur Region. Special gifts like T-shirts, Cap, and Winter Jacket were distributed among »

Ratno-Organic Friendly Football Match at Rangpur

ACI Fertilizer’s Rangpur area organized a friendly football match at Nagessori territory on 28 November 2018, as part of their promotional activity. It was an exciting idea to promote Organic and Ratno Fertilizer by naming the teams “Team Ratno” and “Team Organic”. Regional Sales Manager, Area Executive and Marketing »

Soil Tilling, Mulching Key to China's Potato Crop

When you think of China, do you think of potatoes? Maybe not, but in the Loess Plateau region of northwestern China, potato is the main food crop. Even though it is such an important crop there, potato yields are lower than they could be. The area has a dry climate »

Study Shows Plant Characteristics Shaped by Parental Conflict

Genes determine the variation in plant traits. Different versions of a gene can lead to different traits. However, genes are not the only determinant of such traits, and researchers are learning more about another contributor: epigenetics. Epigenetic factors are things that regulate genes, altering their expression, and like genes, they »

Essay Writing Competition on Balanced Nutrition

To make school students aware, ACI Fertilizer’s Nilphamari area has organized an essay writing competition on balanced nutrition focusing on Ratno Fertilizer. 100 students reading in class 9 and 10 at Hatibandha, Lalmonirhat participated in the competition. Sales Manager, Asst. Marketing Manager, Area Manager Nilphamari and Marketing Officers of »

Fertilizer Retail Training Program in Mymensingh

ACI Fertilizer arranged a Retail Training Program (RTP) at Rowmari, Mymensingh on 19 November 2018. In total, 45 active retailers were invited to the program. The aim of the event was to provide a brief idea about the importance of using micronutrients and fertilizers from ACI in the upcoming winter »

Why Do Some Plants Live Fast and Die Young?

An international team led by researchers at The University of Manchester have discovered why some plants "live fast and die young" whilst others have long and healthy lives. The study, published in Science Advances, also helps us understand how plant diversity is maintained. This, in turn, could help improve nature »

ACI Seed: New Dimensional Distribution Channel

During 2017-18, only 26.20% of the demand was met by quality seed supplied by government and private sector. Rest of the seeds used were retained seed kept by farmers. Still, farmers are using retained seed for rice seed (39.22%), vegetables (15.89%), and potato (86.92%). Considering the »

New Method of Monitoring Pasture Nutrients

A fast new way of checking nutrient levels in grasslands allows farmers to quickly monitor changes in pasture nutrients and adapt their animals' grazing methods accordingly. By cutting the analysis time from around 16 hours to less than a minute, this relatively cheap and easy approach will greatly improve the »