Editorials by Dr. F H Ansarey, President, ACI Agribusinesses Division.

Integrated Orchard Management: Planning for Long-Term Success

Integrated Orchard Management: Planning for Long-Term Success Establishing an orchard is a long-term process that requires extensive planning and investment. An integrated orchard is a diversified mix of fruit and multi-purpose plants growing together that contains a wide variety to be more productive and sustainable. On the other hand, an »

Should we adopt More Modern Greenhouses?

In recent decades, the greenhouse industry has evolved from small-scale research or aesthetic facilities (i.e. botanic gardens) to much larger-scale industrial facilities. Currently the global greenhouse market produces nearly US$350 billion in vegetables per year. The industry may compete directly with land-based conventional food production. In Bangladesh, greenhouses »

Agricultural Drone: Next Generation Safe & Precision Farming

Agricultural drones can make our farming safe and precise. The prime role these drones will play is in the application of fertilizer, pesticides and nutrients including the liquid and foliar ones. Such applications are not only precise but also efficient. Our farmers will be saved from health hazards caused by »

Harvester – a Precursor for Sugarcane Production Revival

In Bangladesh, sugarcane is a major cash as well as industrial crop and the only source of domestic white sugar. Bangladesh has an annual demand of 25 lakh ton of sugar per annum. Among which 24 lakh ton (96% of demand) in imported and the remaining 1 lakh ton is »

Reducing Calf Mortality through Appropriate Farm Management

The calf mortality in our country is 12.28% and represents significant economic losses in commercial dairy farms. Besides, high calf mortality rates hamper genetic potential for herd improvement and impede progress toward replacing cull cows. However, the risk of calf death is highest during the first three weeks of »

AI Technology Adaptation for Efficient Aquaculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way to aquaculture. However, the technology is yet to reach maturity and massive adaptation especially in a country like ours. At first we need to assess the benefits associated with the technology. In terms of operations, fish feed is the single highest cost for »

At the Heart of Precision Farming: GPS Tech

Global Positioning System or GPS is a vital component of today’s Precision Farming. GPS enables farmers to fill the yield gap across the farmlands by effectively using data for yield mapping and field planning. With accurate navigation using GPS, farmers can collect location-specific soil samples and monitor crop conditions »

Bangladesh Needs Productive Beef Breed Cattle

The price for beef in Bangladesh is one of the highest in South Asia. Compared to many countries, the price of beef is significantly high. The restriction of illegal trade of cattle from nearby countries enabled our farmers to achieve self-sufficiency in beef production. However, price of beef seems ever-increasing »

Towards a Circular Agricultural Economy

In agriculture, the idea of a circular economy revolves around the usage of waste from one agricultural process to another. It is a way to farm sustainably using indigenous knowledge, scientific advances, innovations, and new technologies. The ongoing linear economy’s “take-make-waste” approach can be replaced by it. Eventually, it »