Editorials by Dr. F H Ansarey, Managing Director and CEO of ACI Agribusiness.

Reducing Calf Mortality through Appropriate Farm Management

The calf mortality in our country is 12.28% and represents significant economic losses in commercial dairy farms. Besides, high calf mortality rates hamper genetic potential for herd improvement and impede progress toward replacing cull cows. However, the risk of calf death is highest during the first three weeks of »

AI Technology Adaptation for Efficient Aquaculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way to aquaculture. However, the technology is yet to reach maturity and massive adaptation especially in a country like ours. At first we need to assess the benefits associated with the technology. In terms of operations, fish feed is the single highest cost for »

At the Heart of Precision Farming: GPS Tech

Global Positioning System or GPS is a vital component of today’s Precision Farming. GPS enables farmers to fill the yield gap across the farmlands by effectively using data for yield mapping and field planning. With accurate navigation using GPS, farmers can collect location-specific soil samples and monitor crop conditions »

Bangladesh Needs Productive Beef Breed Cattle

The price for beef in Bangladesh is one of the highest in South Asia. Compared to many countries, the price of beef is significantly high. The restriction of illegal trade of cattle from nearby countries enabled our farmers to achieve self-sufficiency in beef production. However, price of beef seems ever-increasing »

Towards a Circular Agricultural Economy

In agriculture, the idea of a circular economy revolves around the usage of waste from one agricultural process to another. It is a way to farm sustainably using indigenous knowledge, scientific advances, innovations, and new technologies. The ongoing linear economy’s “take-make-waste” approach can be replaced by it. Eventually, it »

EcoDigester: Smart Waste Management Tech to Produce Bio-Fertilizer

Urban areas in Bangladesh generate 25,000 MT of solid waste per day on an average [Source: Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO)]. Moreover, the per capita waste generation rate is projected to increase to 0.69 kg in 2025 compared to 0.49 kg in 1995. On the other »

Protected Farming: Embrace Mainstream Export Market Potential

The total vegetable export from Bangladesh was USD118.73 million in FY20-21 (Source: Export Promotion Bureau). The major destinations of these exports are UAE, Malaysia, UK and Qatar where large number of NRB and migrant workers reside. Shifting from these traditional or ethnic markets to mainstream markets is crucial for »

Innovative Technologies to Meet the Demand for Animal Protein

ACI Agribusinesses are committed to working for the development and prosperity of country's livestock. Therefore, various innovative technologies are served, such as Robotic Vaccination, Dairy Vaccination, Animal Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Calf Health Management, Reproductive Health Management, Animal Genetics, Diagnostic Laboratory and Clinics. ACI Agribusinesses work with Complete Cattle, Poultry and Aqua »

Lumpy Skin Disease: Economic Importance and Its Control Measures

Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is considered as a major economically important disease of cattle, with substantial impacts on livelihoods and food security, particularly among smallholders. It is a viral disease of cattle caused by the lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV). Morbidity rates vary between 10 to 20% with a 1-5% »