February 2024

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The Imperative of Introducing Beef Breeds in Bangladesh

Bangladesh produces 87.10 Lakh Metric Ton meat annually against a demand of 76.08 Lakh Metric Ton of which beef accounts for the majority of meat (49.8% of total meat) (Source: Livestock Economy at a Glance 2022-23, Department of Livestock Services – DLS). However, the high cost of beef »

Transcriptome Profiling of Abiotic Stress in Plants

Transcriptome profiling is a powerful approach to understanding the molecular responses of plants to various environmental stimuli, including abiotic stress. Abiotic stress factors such as drought, salinity, extreme temperatures, and nutrient deficiency can significantly impact plant growth and development. Analyzing the transcriptome, which represents the entire set of RNA transcripts »

ACI Motors fosters Strong Relationships through Partner Recognition

In January 2024, ACI Motors organized the Sonalika Tractor Promotional Pitha Utshab (Festival) and Network Partner Meet across 17 locations. These events served as a platform for fostering strong relationships with network partners and creating memorable experiences for all participants. The Pitha Utshab, a traditional festival celebrating the diversity of »

Sonalika Tractor Service and Training Programs in Jan’24

January 2024 marked a significant period for ACI Motors as it initiated a series of impactful programs aimed at enhancing the agricultural landscape across Bangladesh. The Sonalika Tractor Service Day, held across 15 Upazilas, served as a testament to ACI Motors' commitment to providing exceptional after-sales service and support to »

Organic Success Story: ACI Fertilizer's Impact on Fruit Cultivation in Madhupur

Madhupur, a renowned Upazila of Tangail, is celebrated for its thriving fruit cultivation. The nurturing soil of Madhupur Gar in Tangail provides an ideal environment for fruit trees to flourish. Throughout the year, a variety of fruits such as papaya, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, olive, mango, guava, malta, and dragon fruits »

ACI Seed's Crop Show Program: Showcasing Advancements in Veg Varieties

ACI Seed recently hosted a Crop Show Program on 13 January 2024 at its own PDS Station in Sadar, Jashore. The event aimed to showcase and promote the latest advancements in vegetable crops. Over 100 dealers, suppliers, and leaders from ACI Seed's sales and marketing team participated in the program. »

Study Finds Maize Gene Vital in Pollen Fertility and Crop Yield

China Agricultural University and its partners unveiled two genes that confer natural variation in maize pollen fertility. Their findings are published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal. Understanding the regulation of pollen fertility in natural populations has been a mystery for scientists. To dig deeper into this mystery, the researchers explored »

Microalgae Protects Rice from Bacterial Blight

Scientists from India identified that the Chlorella thermophila (CT) microalgal strain possesses antimicrobial activity against pathogens that cause bacterial rice blight. The microalgae can also help with wastewater treatment. Rice is a food staple for over 65% of the world's population, so it is necessary to have a huge supply »

Gene Enhances Root Development and Multi-Stress Tolerance in Rice

Scientists have discovered a novel gene in rice that promotes root development and provides tolerance to abiotic stresses. The gene can be utilized as a molecular marker to develop rice that is tolerant to extreme environmental conditions. Root architecture and function are essential for plants to obtain water and nutrients »