January 2024

A 18-post collection

Creating Wealth through Superior Genetic Traits

In the vibrant agricultural landscape of Bangladesh, we can create wealth for livestock farmers with the transformative impact of high-quality semen ensuring superior genetic traits. By enhancing the market value of calves and ensuring the prosperity of farmers, this approach offers a promising solution amidst the economic challenges faced by »

ChIP-Seq data to speed up the progress of plant breeding

ChIP-Seq data plays a crucial role in plant breeding by providing valuable insights into the regulatory mechanisms that govern gene expression and influence various traits. Here are several ways in which ChIP-Seq data is important for advancing plant breeding: Identification of Regulatory Elements: ChIP-Seq allows the identification of regulatory elements »

ACI Motors concluded 2023 with Halkhata

In December 2023, ACI Motors successfully organized Halkhata program, a dedicated initiative aimed at facilitating the recovery and collection of credit amounts from valued customers of Sonalika Tractor. This program served as a testament to ACI Motors' commitment to fostering strong relationships with its customers and ensuring the seamless management »

ACI Bumper Tricho Powder: Transforming Potato Farming with Disease Management

ACI Bumper Tricho Powder has proven to be a game-changer for potato farmers dealing with soil-borne diseases. Take Ramnath Chandra Roy, for example, a dedicated potato farmer from Kishoreganj, Nilphamari. He had been grappling with soil-borne diseases in his potato fields every year. However, this year, he decided to use »

Biplob Summer Onion: A Game-Changer for Farmers in Rajshahi

Farmers in Rajshahi district have found great success in cultivating Summer Onion - Biplob. Not only has this provided for their families, but it has also brought them financial gains. They are hopeful that this variety will play a major role in solving the onion shortage and lessening the need »

ACI Seed's Amon Utsab 2023 – A Grand Gesture for Farmers

ACI Seed orchestrated a comprehensive campaign titled "ACI Seed Amon Utsab 2023" for the prominent hybrid rice variety "Dhani Gold" during this year's Amon Season. To entice farmers, a coupon was offered for a minimum purchase of 2 kg of Dhani Gold. Following the completion of »

Genes from Wheat Improves Plant Growth of Sorghum

Bioscientists from Joint BioEnergy Institute developed strains of sorghum that can grow tall, strong, and healthy with very little water. This highly benefits farmers in producing large quantities of crops with minimal costs. According to the researchers, sorghum does not have the best ability to regenerate in the plant tissue »

Zapping Manure with Special Electrode Promises an Efficient Method

An interdisciplinary team led by University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists has developed a new technique that could help farmers extract useful nutrients such as ammonia and potassium from livestock manure to efficiently make fertilizer and other useful chemical products. While the strategy still needs to be scaled up beyond a proof-of-concept »

DNA Barcoding of Medicinal Plant for Easier Identification

Scientists produced DNA barcodes for a medicinal plant found in India called Rishyagandha (Withania coagulans). Their study can be used by the pharmaceutical industry for plant collection and adulteration. Rishyagandha is an essential medicinal plant in India that is usually misidentified with other Withania species. To address this issue, researchers »