July 2019

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Sensor Driven Harvester & Transplanter to Fulfill the Mechanization Need

Rice production cost of Bangladesh is relatively higher than other neighbouring countries. Reason behind this is, farmers face lots of challenges during the season of harvesting besides hostile and inclement weather. Scarcity of harvest labours is a serious concern. Apart from that, soil condition is not the same in various »

Gateway Cloning Technology over Directional Cloning

Directional cloning method requires so many steps with less efficiency. It is also time-consuming. Before cloning a gene of interest it is mandatory to have a common restriction site between the vector backbone and on the flanks of the gene of interest. Otherwise, it is quite impossible to clone. However, »

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Rambutan has a pleasant, sweet, slightly acidic taste which resembles a mix of mangosteen, lychee and kiwi. It can be eaten alone or mixed with other tropical fruits. It’s also used for the preparation of smoothies, jellies, jams, ice creams, sauces, chutneys, and soups.The soft and crunchy rambutan »

Believe it or not!

• The term ‘rambutan’ is derived from the word ‘rambut’ of the Indonesian and Malay languages, and is translated as ‘hair’. • Usually ripe rambutans have a red skin color, though yellow or orange varieties are available, and they have a flesh colored white, sometimes with a pink tint. • The Rambutan (Nephelium »

Newly Hatched Genetically Engineered Salmon Showcased in Albany

Thousands of genetically engineered salmon eggs hatched in New York, USA, which were shown to journalists who toured the AquaBounty Technologies facility just outside Albany."We believe in transparency, because there is this concern with genetically modified. We want people to see that (our) fish look like fish and how »

Vanilla Makes Milk Beverages Seem Sweeter

Adding vanilla to sweetened milk makes consumers think the beverage is sweeter, allowing the amount of added sugar to be reduced, according to Penn State researchers, who will use the concept to develop a reduced-sugar chocolate milk for the National School Lunch Program."We are utilizing a learned association between »

Scientists Develop Climate-ready Wheat to Survive Drought Conditions

Scientists at the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield have found that engineering bread wheat to have fewer stomata on their leaves are better able to survive drought and use water more efficiently while maintaining their yields.On average, it takes more than 1,800 liters of »

Ant Farmers Boost Plant Nutrition

Research, led by Dr Guillaume Chomicki from the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, has demonstrated that millions of years of ant agriculture has remodelled plant physiology. Farming ants deposit nitrogen-rich faeces directly inside plants, which has led to the evolution of these ultra-absorptive plant structures. This means that »

Researchers Analyze the Sweet Potato Proteome

A new study on sweet potato leaves and roots have analyzed the proteome of sweet potato and has revealed new insights into the plant's genome. While sweet potato has been widely cultivated and consumed for thousands of years, scientists still do not much about its protein makeup.Sweet potato has »