March 2024

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Agri-Apps for Agricultural Equipment Rental Services

The dwindling size of farms in Bangladesh is a major challenge for our farmers to own and operate expensive agricultural equipment cost-effectively. For example, the per farm operated area in Bangladesh reduced to 1.29 acres from 1.47 acres between 2009 and 2019 (source: Agriculture Census 2019, Bangladesh Bureau »

Introduction to CRISPR Cas 13: What Is It and What Can It Do?

CRISPR protein Cas 13 is responsible for cutting RNA. Using a guide RNA, which is a programmable string of nucleotides consisting of around 30 bases, Cas 13 can navigate its way to a particular RNA sequence. These nucleotides are complementary to those that are present in the targeted section of »

Plant Phenotyping: Past, Present, and Future

Plant phenotyping is the study of observable traits or characteristics of plants, encompassing their morphology, physiology, and behavior. This field plays a crucial role in understanding plant growth, development, and responses to environmental stimuli. Here's an overview of plant phenotyping in terms of its past, present, and future: Past: Manual »

ACI Motors celebrates Love with Sonalika Tractor Event Nationwide

In February 2024, ACI Motors, the leading provider of agricultural machinery in Bangladesh, brought warmth and joy to 11 regions across the nation with its heartwarming Sonalika Tractor promotional event. As part of the Valentine's Day celebration, ACI Motors invited customers and their families to engage in a delightful affair »

Use of ACI Trichocompost Surges in Boro Rice Cultivation

Bangladesh, with its predominantly agrarian economy, relies heavily on rice cultivation as the primary crop. The country's conducive climatic conditions support year-round rice production, making it an integral component of the dietary culture and a crucial source of nutrition for its populace. Furthermore, rice cultivation serves as a vital source »

ACI Seed Unveils High-Yield Potato Varieties in 19 Field Day Events

ACI Seed recently hosted a series of 19 Field Day Programs in February 2024, shining a spotlight on four new seed potato varieties. These programs were strategically designed to provide essential information to farmers and traders in key potato-growing regions. By offering in-depth insights into the characteristics, benefits, and potential »

ACI Seed's Groundbreaking Potato Workshop empowers Dealers in Dinajpur

ACI Seed organized an impressive seed potato production field visit and workshop on 2 February 2024 in Dinajpur, marking a significant endeavor. The event saw an impressive turnout of 72 participants, predominantly comprising Seed Potato Dealers and Retailers. Notably, key figures such as the Business Operation Manager, Mohammad Mizanur Rahaman; »

Engineering a Coating for Disease-Free Produce

Dr. Mustafa Akbulut, professor of chemical engineering, has teamed up with horticultural science professor Luis Cisneros-Zevallos to engineer longer-lasting, bacteria-free produce. According to Akbulut's recent publication in Current Research in Food Science, the global fruit and vegetable market loses over 50% of agricultural fruit production during various stages of produce »

Scientists Grow Meat Inside Rice Grains

Scientists from Yonsei University developed cultured beef rice, rice grains with animal muscle and fat cells inside. The findings of their study published in Matter show that cultured beef rice has 8% more protein and 7% more fat than regular rice. Animals need biological scaffolds to grow tissues and organs. »

Researchers Examine the Impact of Nanotechnology to Crop Growth and Development

Researchers from South Africa reviewed the usage of nanotechnology and proteomic tools in boosting crop growth and development. Their role in the genetic engineering of crops to achieve agricultural sustainability was also examined. Nanoparticles have distinct physical and chemical properties that allow them to have many applications in different fields. »

Root Microbes: Secret to a Tastier Cup of Tea

You'd think the complex flavor in a quality cup of tea would depend mainly on the tea varieties used to make it. But a study appearing in the journal Current Biology on 15 February 2024 shows that the making of a delicious cup of tea depends on another key ingredient: »