October 2023

A 17-post collection

AI and IOT in Agriculture: Sensor-aided Yield Mapping for Data-driven Decisions

Yield sensors can provide valuable insights into crop productivity. They can collect data during the harvesting process, capturing information on yield amounts, fuel consumption, and working areas for the harvester. Using statistical analysis and yield mapping techniques, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of our crops’ productivity. Through a combination »

Cisgene stacking for the creation of late blight-resistant potatoes

Developing late blight-resistant potatoes through cisgene stacking is an innovative approach that harnesses genetic engineering to create potato varieties with enhanced resistance to late blight (Phytophthora infestans). Late blight is a devastating disease that can cause significant crop losses in potato production. Cisgene stacking offers a targeted and sustainable solution »

Molecular docking for the development of new drugs

Molecular docking is a computational technique widely used in drug discovery and design. It involves the prediction of how two or more molecules, typically a drug candidate and a target protein (usually a receptor or enzyme), interact with each other at the molecular level. The main goal of molecular docking »

ACI Fertilizer Hosts Strategic Meeting with Customers in Joypurhat

ACI Fertilizer recently organized a strategic meeting with its customers on September 25, 2023, at JAKAS Foundation in Joypurhat. The meeting aimed to discuss strategies for increasing the use of organic fertilizer in potato crops during the upcoming season. Approximately 20 potential farmers attended the event, along with key personnel »

ACI Seed Conducts Retailer Meeting to Showcase Onion Varieties

Onion cultivation is a lucrative cash crop for farmers in our country, and ACI Seed recognizes its importance. Currently, ACI Seed is marketing six prominent onion varieties: Biplob (Summer Variety), Biplob Super, ACI Gold (Hybrid Varieties), ACI King, Taherpuri, and TP-406 (OP Varieties). To disseminate product knowledge and discuss business »

Field Day of Hybrid Radish Variety – ACI Pulsar 35 held at Cumilla

ACI Seed has launched a hybrid radish variety under the brand name “ACI Pulsar 35” this year. To promote this variety, the company has undertaken various integrated efforts, including retailer and farmer meetings, result demonstrations, field day programs, and the use of promotional materials in potential areas. As part of »

Researchers Develop Method that can Modify Individual Animal Cell Differently

Researchers from ETH Zurich have developed a method to genetically modify individual animal cells. Using the CRISPR-Cas gene scissors, the researchers aim to simplify and speed up the research process with laboratory animals by simultaneously making several gene changes in the cells of a single animal. The causes of genetic »

CRISPR Silkworms Produce Better Silk Fibers

Researchers from China used CRISPR technology on silkworms to produce tough and strong spider silk. The resulting fiber is considered better compared to other commercial synthetic fibers. Commercial synthetic fibers usually have a trade-off between toughness and strength so researchers must create materials that can combine strength with fiber toughness. »

AI Drones to Help Farmers Optimize Vegetable Yields

For reasons of food security and economic incentive, farmers continuously seek to maximize their marketable crop yields. As plants grow inconsistently, at the time of harvesting, there will inevitably be variations in quality and size of individual crops. Finding the optimal time to harvest is therefore a priority for farmers. »

Bioluminescent Petunia to Light Gardens and Homes at Night

Researchers and engineers from an Idaho-based startup biotech company, Light Bio, successfully engineered petunia, a common ornamental plant, to give a bright green color during nighttime. Light Bio plans to start shipping the glow-in-the-dark genetically modified plants in 2024 after receiving permission from the U.S. Department of Agriculture earlier »