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Cow: Believe it or Not

Chocolates, cheese, cakes, cream, custard, yogurt, butter, ice cream and the list goes on. Did you notice? Every product is made up of a common ingredient which is ‘Milk’. These all are dairy products and a bulk amount of milk comes from the cow. Regardless of saying that indeed cow »

Chicken: Believe It or Not!

Imagine a species of bird which outnumbers humans on this Earth. There are more than 33 billion of them estimated. We are talking about the descendant of the Red Jungle Fowl commonly recognized as ‘The Chicken’. Every human being irrespective of geographical location and other living parameters knows about chickens. »

Egg: Believe It or Not!

Here goes a mysterious question, “which one came into the world first? Chicken or egg?” Some will claim chicken, some egg. While people are still solving the mystery let us have a quick check on how far the interest in the egg can go. Not only our partner of three »

Egg- Tips

In this world of farming poultry, farming is one of the most beneficial and always will be in the most demand list of the marketplace. It’s always better to not rush into any new journey. Same wise while going for the start of poultry farming, studying some cases, planning »

Egg Sharing is Caring

Cuisine around the world has a common magical ingredient in the list. That is the egg. Why not call it a magical one? How many food items and dishes can be prepared with just one ingredient? Starting from the handmade dough of Italian bakers up to the handmade egg omelet »

Sharing Cherry is Caring

How surprising it would be if I tell you that archaeologists have discovered fossilized Cherry pits in prehistoric caves throughout Europe and Asia? Yes, the fruit of which our favorite pie has been made of is being eaten since the Stone Age. The earliest mention of cherries is found in »

Cherry Tips:

In general, cultivating a fruit tree usually needs more attention and care than the other types of plantations. When it comes to Cherry fruit, the list goes up and is highly sensitive to deal with. It needs more delicate care and nurture. Otherwise, its vulnerability affects the cultivation and yield. »

Cherry: Believe it or Not!

A fruit, small enough to look for but popular as a gassed-up ingredient in the kingdom of fruits. Well, the interesting fact lies in its size. The size it displays is indirectly proportional to the taste and efficiency it expresses. Indeed it is the red tart, Cherry. Three words: Beauty, »

Grape Sharing is Caring

Imagining a heavenly fruit or a fruit which is meant to be part of the royal darbar served to entertain the highness and served in front of you too. Sharing the premium fruit with one would make one feel privileged. Grape, a fruit introduced to the world first by Spain »

Grape Tips

Even after following the book rules still, some additional tactics might increase the yield and efficiency in the process of cultivation. Starting from soil preparation, right plantation, nurturing, irrigation, disease and pest control are the general factors which are to be ensured. Right Place Right growth: A large, open, sunny »

Grape: Believe it or Not

Be green or purple, raw or ripened even calling it one of the oldest fruit existing on Earth won’t be wrong. Living for at least 65 million years on this planet it has achieved a special position in the heart of inhabitants. Surprisingly it is also on the list »