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Tea- Believe it or Not!

Waking up in the early morning and wishing the loved ones “Good Morning”, we start our day. If this phrase has to be the most used in the world the second would be “One Cup Tea”. About a majority of the world population would agree with the fact that without »

Black Seed, Sharing is Caring

Isn’t it obvious, sharing such a beneficial thing with others can be the best form of care? Of course! Indeed, such a health friendly ingredient originated from Southern Asia, Southern Europe and North Africa. It is holding its position in the scientific dictionary as ‘Nigella Sativa’. Its nicknames are »

Black Seed Tips

Owing to a height of eight to twenty inches, the flowering plant needs enough care and culture for an efficient result in cultivation. Both at the commercial level and in-home production are possible. Following the traditional and usual rules along with some techniques might boost the outcome. Points that might »

Black Cumin Seed- Believe it or Not!

Starting with a riddle inside a grocery bag, “A minor prodigy with a mature strength, despite of being seed not planted rather eaten as the friend of health in black.” Sounds tricky? Despite of being a tiny particle it is taken as daily food considering its bulk of health benefits. »

Dates - Sharing is Caring

Due to its elongated, finger-like shape, the fruit’s English name (derived from Old French) and its Latin name both come from the Greek word for “finger”, dáktulos. There are so many different types of date fruit. The UAE has more than 199 different types, with around 44 million palm »

Dates Tips

One cup of dates has about 380 calories, 27 percent of the recommended daily requirement of potassium and 48 percent of daily fiber needs. Their low water and high sugar content give them a shelf-life of many months, up to a year if stored correctly. A fruit like dates is »

Dates - Believe It or Not!

Dates are the Super Food of nature: a powerhouse of minerals, energy and fiber. But how much do you really know about this rich, creamy piece of goodness? Here are some interesting facts about dates: • Because the tree and its fruit have so many uses, from food to building materials, »

Mango- Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring quote directly resembles Mango. It is great to share a mango with the loved ones, because Mango is a symbol of Love. According to Botany, Mango is a drupe, consisting of an outer skin. There is a fleshy edible part having a single seed as central stone »

Mango Tips

A perfect fruit needs a perfect cultivation. For the mango enthusiast, here go some tips to make the delicious fruit more precious. Season: Best season for mango tree plantation is July-August in tainted areas and February-March in case of irrigated areas. End of rainy season suits the best for heavy »

Mango - Believe It or Not!

“Yellowish meat, color of the skin? Yes it is green. Liked by the kin Fruit it is, also called by the name king!” Hearing the rhyme first comes to mind about a fruit that is Mango. The taste specialist with its rich color and essence has gained mass popularity in »

Soil: Sharing is Caring!

Soil is considered a non-renewable resource, making it even more precious – and something we ought to take care of! Archaeologists believe that the collapse of some ancient civilizations – including that of Harappa in the Indus Valley, and the Mayans in Central America – was a direct result of mismanagement of their »