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Tissue Culture Lab Maintenance

The first and foremost rule is to build up or construct a well-organized lab. For this, some rules must be maintained very strictly. • The working room, media preparation room, washing room and the incubation room must be separated from one other. In no case the rooms can be left open »

Experts Unravel One Big Secret of Photosynthesis

An international team led by the researchers in Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) in Germany provided new insights in the transport of light-energy of Photosystem I (PSI), a complex, giant photosynthetic protein. The researchers isolated the protein complex using mass-spectrometry, spectroscopy, and biochemical methods to characterize it in detail. They used the »

First Known Gene Transfer from Plant to Insect Reported

An international team led by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing discovered that whiteflies use a plant gene to defend themselves against plant toxins. The researchers used a combination of genetic and phylogenetic analyses to identify the plant defense gene, BtPMAT1, found on whiteflies. It is »

Automated Genomics Screening to Hasten Cure to Crop Diseases

Scientists from the Earlham Institute created a new automated system using liquid handling robots to identify the genetic basis of growth inhibition of plant pathogens to prevent the rapid spread of crop diseases. The scientists screened 2,880 species of Pseudomonas isolated from a potato field in just 11 hours »

Endangered Plant Species Becomes Model for Genome Sequencing

A group of researchers from the University of Queensland used the remaining 100 trees of Buburin Nut (Macadamia jansenii) as the perfect model for sequencing and assembling all future plant genomes to learn how rare plant species could survive extinction and its associated genetic bottleneck. The researchers used long-read technologies, »

Gene Discovery to Help Increase Cereal Yields

A study conducted at the University of Dundee and the James Hutton Institute, together with partners in the UK and Australia, has shown that a gene encoding a protein called HvAPETALA2 (HvAP2) has a role in the development of florets and grain in cereal crops. Using advanced molecular tools and »

Japan Launches World's First Genome-Edited Tomato

The first direct consumption genome-edited tomato was launched in Japan by Sanatech Seed. The Japanese ministries in-charge have announced their determination that the genome-edited tomato will not be regulated as a genetically modified product. Sanatech Seed's Sicilian Rouge High GABA tomato was developed using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology. The tomato »

Study Shows Rising Temperatures Hurt Rice Yields

A study of the relationship between temperature and yields of various rice varieties conducted by a professor and extension specialist at North Carolina State University suggests that warming temperatures have negatively affected rice yields. Based on 50 years of weather and rice-yield data from farms in the Philippines, the study »

Meeting the Meat Needs of the Future

Humans are large omnivores, and meat in various forms has always featured in the diet of most cultures. However, with the increasing population and pressure on the environment, traditional methods of meeting this fundamental food requirement are likely to fall short. Now, researchers at the University of Tokyo report innovative »

Researchers Invent New Gene Editing Tool

Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) have discovered a new gene-editing technique that allows for the programming of sequential cuts — or edits — over time. The new process developed by UIC's Bradley Merrill, lead author of the paper published in Molecular Cell, involves using special molecules called guide RNA »