Any plant that grows where you don't want it can be considered a weed. Besides taking up valuable space in your garden, weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, water, and light. So you need to keep your garden free from weeds on a regular basis. To make the job as easy as possible, here are some useful tips:  Pull up weeds before they go to seed and self-spread around the garden.  Try to get the whole weed including the root  Younger weeds are easier to pull because they haven't established a strong root system  Wet the ground with a drip irrigation hose before weeding and your job will be easier - Better still, water after it has rained  For weeds with shallow invasive root systems, try scraping below the surface of the soil to drag out as much of the root system as possible.  Wear safety goggles and sneakers if you are scraping with a sharp tool to avoid an accident  While weeding, keep your garden free of safety hazards by picking up rocks, putting tools away in their proper places, and maintaining walkways.  Mulch between plants to help prevent weeds from establishing.