Did you know that crying can be minimized by cutting onions under the cold running water or splashing a little white vinegar on the cutting board? Here are some more tips with a cautionary note in the end;
• Sliced onion can soothe insect bites and burns on the skin due to anti-inflammatory properties of onion enzymes. When combined with crushed aspirin and little water, slices of onion can be also used in treatment of warts.
• Onions are low in calories, high in calcium and high in vitamin C. They are 90% water, 8% carbs and 1.7% fiber!
• Onions are filled with complex sugars that keep our metabolism healthy, vitamins, beta carotene, folate and they have no fat. One average sized onion has 30 calories.
• Crushed onion can be used for polishing of silverware and other metal objects.
• Store your onion in old nylons and they will last for six months. If you take a stocking and put your onion in it, tying a knot after each onion will keep it isolated from others lasting much longer.
• Onions are bad for dogs and other pets. They can really harm dogs and one must avoid feeding them onions. Onions kill their red blood cells; large and even small amounts of it, if used repeatedly, can cause dangerous forms of anemia.