‘Water’ a word without which the list of natural elements is incomplete. A moment without water is unimaginable. However, the water being the gift of Mother Nature has both sides of a coin. Besides, the over usage of a gift might turn into an outage of it. The wastage of water results in such. Safeguarding the limits a conscious and proper use of water can ensure the best results in case of usage and source also.
Followings actions can be followed to ensure proper use of water.
• Conserving water in home by ensuring proper and minimal use.
• Preventing water wastage while taking shower or bath, using toilets, cleaning works etc.
• Besides while brushing or shaving the water tap is to be closed when of no use.
• While irrigating the plants extra water pour should be avoided in order to both ensure healthy growth of plants and also stop water wastage,
• In case of gardening efficient use of water can be ensured by planting plant-drought resistant lawns, shrubs and plants, positioning sprinklers properly etc. plays role in saving water.
• Water conservation awareness should be started from home spreading to community level can ensure mass conservation of water.’