11 February 2022 was a remarkable day at the Tarabanchora, Panchori, Khagrachori. Pingku Chakma and her husband Debshish Chakma started their Jujube and Guava cultivation in 2-acre land on April/May, 2021. They have cultivated 500 Jujube and 200 Guava seedlings in a hilly land at Tarabanchara. Usually, the hilly land is very rough. Moreover, sandy soil and scarcity of irrigation water are common phenomena there. So crop cultivation is a challenging job in this area. To get a high yield from their initiative, they used different fertilizer solutions of ACI i.e Surokkha Jaibo Sar, Humistar, Gypsar, Bioferti and some other products in their garden. Now within 9 months, their garden has become a part of a remarkable story in that area as their small Jujube plants have a yield of 12-13 Kg and Guava plants are bearing about 8-10 Kg fruits. They have spent about Tk. 4 lac for this garden and now expecting Tk. 13.5 Lac income from there.
ACI Fertilizer has arranged a large field day on 11 February 2022 there to share their happiness, result and success story among the government agencies, development agencies, large fruits growers, dealers and retailers of Khagrachori district. Local agriculture officials, Horticulture Authority, Hill Tracts Development Authority, UP Chairman, Journalist, and large fruits growers had participated in this program. Business Director Kbd. Bashir Ahmed, NSM Kbd. Sadequr Rahman, Product Managers, Sales Manager and other officials of ACI Fertilizer attended on the event.
Now many entrepreneurs and farmers are attracted to start fruits orchards in that area by using ACI Fertilizer’s product.