Wheat is in top of the list of most highly demanded crops in the world. The variety wheat can offer being the raw ingredient for food is huge which includes: cereals, pasta, pizza etc. Besides the crop contains high nutritional value providing the consumer with protein, carbs, fiber etc. However, quality assurance is a must with healthy and good yield. The following steps can be taken for better wheat yield:
• Reduction of tillage without overdo will ensure more nutrient absorption by the plants.
• Use of Nitrogen fertilizer is way better than other farm manures in increasing the yield along with its quality.
• Legumes can provide a natural benefit in the number of the production of Wheat. With its ability to prevent weed growth it plays a role in improvement of structure and acts as green manure
• Considering the use of T6P would increase the yield. UK scientists developed sugars that are used in the natural process of controlling how wheat uses sucrose for developing wheat grains.