Yardlong beans (Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) are named for their remarkable length, which can reach up to 36 inches (about 91 centimeters). Here are some more amazing facts about Yardlong Bean:

• The subspecies name of this plant, sequipedalis, means “a foot and a half”.
• However, these ancient vegetables, which still grow wild in tropical Africa, are actually legumes.
• Since cookbooks often instruct to treat yardlong beans as you would regular green beans, it's a common misconception that they're related.
• In Philippines, it is sometimes known as “poor man’s meat.”
• Both seeds and tender leaves contain 25 percent protein, of high nutritional quality.
• The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration is so impressed with this plant’s nutritional potential it is considering growing it in space to feed astronauts.