Rejoicing Eid with Sonalika Gift Boxes

In July 2020, ACI Motors has distributed thousand Sonalika gift boxes among its customers and stakeholders to celebrate the Eid-Ul-Adha. The gift box consisted of food items such as Laccha Semai, aromatic rice, noodles as well as prevention kits against COVID-19 like facemasks, Savlon liquid antiseptic soap etc. Maintaining strict »

Fertilizer FS Training held at Dinajpur

ACI Fertilizer Dinajpur Area team arranged a Field Supervisor (FS) selection program by interviewing potential candidates on 20 July 2020. Later a 3-day long training program was arranged from 22 to 24 July for the selected candidates. Skill development regarding promotional activity and product demand generation was the key agenda »

Stakeholders meet at ACI Fertilizer’s Regional Event

In July 2020, ACI Fertilizer organized meetings with potential stakeholders in compliance with health hygiene rules during COVID-19 pandemic. The meetings were held at Rangpur on 12 July, at Dinajpur on 13 July, at Bogura on 14 July, and at Rajshahi on 15 July 2020. Business Director Kbd. Bashir Ahmed »

ACI Seed: Combining Online and Offline Channels for Dhani Gold

ACI Seed, as an essential input provider of the agriculture sector, is continuing to promote its products like Dhani Gold through both online and offline channels. In July 2020, it has organized 114 Farmers; Meeting throughout the country while maintaining strict social distancing. Only 5-7 farmers were engaged in each »

ACI Seed’s Mini Shail: A Profitable Proposition for T-Aman Season

Mini Shail, a High Yielding Variety (HYV) developed by ACI in association with IRRI and Rajshahi University, brings a profitable proposition for T-Aman farmers in Bangladesh. To promote the newly launched HYV rice among farmers, ACI Seed organized month-long promo in 10 districts during July 2020. As part of the »

Mitigating Methane from Cattle

Researchers in Spain propose mitigating methane production by dairy cattle through breeding. In an article appearing in the Journal of Dairy Science, scientists are targeting reduction of enteric methane in the breeding objectives for dairy cattle to select for animals that use feed more efficiently and thus produce less methane. »

CRISPR Gives Bull More Male Offspring

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have successfully produced a bull calf, named Cosmo, who was genome-edited as an embryo so that he'll produce more male offspring. The research was presented in a poster on 23 July 2020 at the American Society of Animal Science meeting. Using the genome-editing »

"Fitbit for Chickens" detects Mite Infestations

Even when they're allowed to roam about the farmyard, chickens are still susceptible to infestations of blood-sucking mites. It now turns out that a backpack-like device could let farmers know when those mites are biting, so treatment could begin as soon as possible. Typically infesting the rear end of the »

Technique Fishes Valuable Nutrients out of Shrimp Processing Water

The seafood industry requires large amounts of water for food processing. Before used water is discharged, some organic matter, including protein, is typically removed. This sludge is usually landfilled or converted into biogas, which results in the valuable nutrients it contains being lost from the food chain. Now researchers report »

Pesticides Can Protect Crops from Hydrophobic Pollutants

Researchers have revealed that commercial pesticides can be applied to crops in the Cucurbitaceae family to decrease their accumulation of hydrophobic pollutants (*1), thereby improving crop safety. The research group consisted of FUJITA Kentaro (1st year Ph.D. student) of Kobe University's Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Academic Researcher YOSHIHARA »

Scientists Use TALENs for Targeted Genome Editing of Potato

Osaka University and partners reported targeted genome editing in potato using transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs). The results are published in Plant Biotechnology journal. Genome editing using site-specific nucleases such as clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat–CRISPR-associated protein 9 (CRISPR-Cas9) and TALENs are highly useful in crop breeding. In »