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ACI Motors' Sonalika Tractor Triumphs

In October 2023, ACI Motors, the leading agricultural machinery provider in the country, organized a series of exciting events to celebrate their achievements and strengthen their bond with customers. The month was filled with remarkable milestones and initiatives that showcased ACI Motors' commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to »

ACI Fertilizer hosted Regional Dealer Conferences for Enhanced Market Success

ACI Fertilizer recently organized Regional Dealer Conferences in Dinajpur and Bogura, which took place last month. On 11 October 2023, the Regional Dealer Conference for the Rangpur Zone was held at BLC, Dinajpur. Additionally, on 25 October 2023, the Regional Dealer Conference for the Rajshahi Region was conducted at Hotel »

ACI Seed's Campaign promotes High-Yield Onion Cultivation

Onion cultivation holds great appeal for farmers in our country, and it is one of the key crops focused on by ACI Seed. To promote onion cultivation, the Business has launched a comprehensive campaign program targeting key customer points in potential areas. This initiative includes various activities such as farmers' »

ACI Seed empowers Channel Partners for a Successful Rabi Season

ACI Seed recently organized a series of meetings with dealers and retailers, focusing on the upcoming Rabi season. The objective of these meetings was to communicate the sales and promotional schemes for targeted products and foster an exchange of views with channel partners. These programs took place in eight locations »

ACI Fertilizer Hosts Strategic Meeting with Customers in Joypurhat

ACI Fertilizer recently organized a strategic meeting with its customers on September 25, 2023, at JAKAS Foundation in Joypurhat. The meeting aimed to discuss strategies for increasing the use of organic fertilizer in potato crops during the upcoming season. Approximately 20 potential farmers attended the event, along with key personnel »

ACI Seed Conducts Retailer Meeting to Showcase Onion Varieties

Onion cultivation is a lucrative cash crop for farmers in our country, and ACI Seed recognizes its importance. Currently, ACI Seed is marketing six prominent onion varieties: Biplob (Summer Variety), Biplob Super, ACI Gold (Hybrid Varieties), ACI King, Taherpuri, and TP-406 (OP Varieties). To disseminate product knowledge and discuss business »

Field Day of Hybrid Radish Variety – ACI Pulsar 35 held at Cumilla

ACI Seed has launched a hybrid radish variety under the brand name “ACI Pulsar 35” this year. To promote this variety, the company has undertaken various integrated efforts, including retailer and farmer meetings, result demonstrations, field day programs, and the use of promotional materials in potential areas. As part of »

ACI Motors’ Tractor Customer Engagement in August’23

ACI Motors organized a number of Sonalika Tractor customer events across the nation in August 2023. It set up tractor demonstration programs in 13 locations across the nation, many of which stand to gain greatly from farm mechanization. In addition, customers were invited to 25 network partner meetings and service »

ACI Fertilizer introduced ‘Humistar WG’

ACI Fertilizer has introduced a Humic acid-based fertilizer “Humistar WG” to the farmers of Bangladesh. Humistar WG contains 65% Humic acid, 12% Fulvic Acid and 17% Potassium. It is water soluble and available in a granular format. Farmers are getting excellent results after using this product in their crop field. »

‘Moon Drop’ & ‘ACI Jhal Rani’: New Green Light Chili Varieties

‘Moon Drop’ & ‘ACI Jhal Rani’ are two new chili varieties launched by ACI Seeds in the light green segment. The demand for the light Green segment is increasing day by day. Besides, the need for new varieties with updated traits in this segment is also emerging. Considering the market »