March 2023

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Should we adopt More Modern Greenhouses?

In recent decades, the greenhouse industry has evolved from small-scale research or aesthetic facilities (i.e. botanic gardens) to much larger-scale industrial facilities. Currently the global greenhouse market produces nearly US$350 billion in vegetables per year. The industry may compete directly with land-based conventional food production. In Bangladesh, greenhouses »

Artificial Intelligence Applications for Smart Crop Breeding

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of science concerned with creating computers and robots capable of reasoning, learning, and acting in ways that would ordinarily need human intelligence or that use data on a scale that people cannot analyze. AI is used in three critical components of phenomics data management: »

Viroscope: Plant virus identification using high-throughput sequencing data

Viroscope comprises an entire RNA high-throughput (HTS) data analysis pipeline that performs read assignment, de novo assembly with reference-based mapping, and pseudo-annotation to generate VGAC metrics (Viral Genome Assembly Coverage) and viral replica identification. The Viroscope pipeline comprises two independent phases for plant virus diagnostics based on HTS data. First, »

Tricho-Compost: Organic Fertilizer for Soil Amendment

Tricho-compost is the material that results when spores of a beneficial fungus, Trichoderma sp. are used in the composting process. Trichoderma sp. is a natural competitor against a wide range of harmful fungi; when it is added to compost, the latter can then work as an anti-fungal agent to protect »

Seed Potato Production Field Visit by Traders, Farmers & Sales Team

ACI Seed conducted a day-long seed potato production field visit and workshop dated on 4 February 2023 at Dinajpur. Among the 151 participants of the program, 95 were Seed Potato Dealers and Retailers, and 15 were large farmers. Business Director, Business Operation Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, General Manager-Sales, Sales Managers, »

Field Day Program of Seed Potato Focusing on New Varieties

ACI Seed arranged 18 Field Day Programs of 13 Varieties of Seed Potato in February 2023. Potato is one of the leading crops for the Business considering its potentiality. The field day program was organized to focus on the new varieties; especially Valencia and Cartagena. The origin of Valencia and »

Tractor Demonstration Program arranged by ACI Motors

ACI motors organized different demonstration programs of Sonalika tractors in different regions of Bangladesh. The program started on 13 February 2023 and extended up to 26 February covering Nilphamari, Natore, Jashore, Jhenaidah, Khulna, Sirajganj, Manikganj, Mymensingh and Tangail. The goal of the program was to spread the potential of Sonalika »

Sonalika Valentine’s Day 2023 Celebrations

On 14 February 2023, ACI Motors organized Valentine’s Day celebration for the customers and other stakeholders. The celebration took place in 13 different places. As part of the program, there were photo booths, colorful decorations with festivity and product displays. Customers came along with their family and loved ones »

New COVID-19 Therapy Uses Plants

New research led by Shawn Chen, a researcher with the Arizona State University's Biodesign Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy and School of Life Sciences, describes an innovative therapy for COVID-19, using transient expression in tobacco plants to develop and produce a monoclonal antibody, or mAb. This therapy may protect »

Plant’s Microevolutionary History Key to Anti-cancer Meds

An international collaboration of researchers led to sequencing of skullcap plant's genome. It helped identify how the plant produces a compound called scutebarbatine A that is known to act against a range of cancer cells. The skullcap plant (Scutellaria barbata) is more commonly known in China as banzhilian. It is »

Genomics Help Bring Climate-smart Strawberries in Warmer Regions

A Singapore-based company recently launched the world's first climate-resilient strawberry. Their purpose is to make strawberries more affordable to consumers while reducing the environmental impact of their production. Genomics-based science is gaining popularity in the food industry, especially in developing nutrient-dense plant varieties resilient to drought and diseases. Advanced genomics »