ACI Fertilizer has organized a Model Farmers Meeting as a part of its IMC program on 16 October 2019 at Kathalbari, Kurigram Sadar, Kurigram. Business Director Bashir Ahmed along with Regional Sales Manager Rejaul Islam, Area Manager and Marketing Officers of Rangpur area were present at the meeting with 250 Local Lead Farmers of Kurigram. In this meeting, two of the farmers shared their experience of using Organic fertilizer. Business Director – ACI Fertilizer also shared the detailed benefit of using NEB. In this meeting, a new product named ‘Humistar WG’ was also introduced to the customers. Speakers discussed the content, application and key benefits of the new product

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) refers to a strategic, collaborative, and promotional business function through which a targeted audience can sense consistent, persuasive, and reinforcing brand messaging. ACI Fertilizer has initiated this concept as farmers training program (FTP), retailers training program (RTP), meeting with DAE concern, result demonstration in the field, shop Branding and usage of different promotional materials at retail points with customers along with sales team.