Without a doubt, nuts are on the favorite list of healthy foods. Not only a source of plant protein but it is also known for containing heart-healthy fats. Among different types of nuts, the boxing glove-shaped one is pretty much famous. We are talking about the Cashew nuts. Having a Brazilian origin, now it is very popular throughout the world due to its interesting facts.

• The informal name of Cashew nut is ‘Caju’, which is of Portuguese origin.
• Nigeria was the top cashew nut producer in 2010, which produced 650,000 tons.
• Cashews have the highest nutritional value of zinc and copper compared to other nuts. Additionally, there are also various other minerals, carbohydrates and proteins in cashews.
• On average the cashew tree can grow up to 32 to 50 feet.
• By origin, the cashews belong to the Sumac Family.
• The cashew eaten is the seed.
• Since World War II, the nut shell has been used in the production of lubricants, waterproofing and paints.