Fertilizer is the most important nutrient elements in soils and plays the most vital role in crop production in Bangladesh. Fertilizer application mainly depends on the soil types, growing season, irrigation applications and the cultivars used and agro-climatic conditions of the locations. Crops need many essential nutrients for optimum growth, yield and quality. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), Sulphur (S), Calcium (C), Zinc (Zn) and Boron (B) are some of the essential plant nutrients. Crops need large amounts of N, P, K and in relatively less amounts of S, Zn, B. Application of plant nutrients in optimum ratio and adequate amounts is called “Balanced Fertilization”. Balanced fertilization is the key to efficient fertilizer utilization for sustainable crop production. Efficient fertilizer management includes managing the timing, type, placement, and rate of nutrients to optimize nutrient uptake by crops and minimize nutrient loss. Balanced fertilization based on proper timing, type, placement, and rate of nutrients can optimize nutrient uptake by crops, minimize nutrient loss and ensure efficiency in fertilizer application. NPKS fertilizer, Ratno can be an ideal product for balanced fertilization.
Source: International Potash Institute

Dr. F H Ansarey

Managing Director & CEO

ACI Agribusiness