In Bangladesh, sugarcane is a major cash as well as industrial crop and the only source of domestic white sugar. Bangladesh has an annual demand of 25 lakh ton of sugar per annum. Among which 24 lakh ton (96% of demand) in imported and the remaining 1 lakh ton is produced as sugarcane takes 10 months to harvest and it is a labor-intensive crop as well which is a significant demotivator for the farmers. Hence, In the last 10 years production has decreased by 345.83% due to increased cost of production and low yielding variety.
Using sugarcane harvester can be an effective step in this regard. A sugarcane harvester, harvests sugarcane from the base, then removes the top, cuts the stalks into billets and keeps maintaining consistent size, and stacks them uniformly in a wagon, completing all of the harvesting work. The machine also sprays water during cutting to protect the water content of the sugarcane.
People can also use mini sugarcane harvester especially in low-lying Char, marginal and hilly lands for its small size, light weight, and more adaptability on the field. In areas prone- to water-logging, flood, drought and stresses, the sugarcane harvester can ensure timely harvesting and minimizes further yield loss. Through public and private initiative for mechanized harvesting procedure available globally, production of sugarcane will be increased and farmers will find sugarcane production more profitable.

Dr. F H Ansarey
ACI Agribusinesses Division