ACI Fertilizer launched NPKS Fertilizer under Ratno Brand in November 2017 and got a tremendous response from the market with a sales of growth 100%. Considering its potentials, ACI Fertilizer is promoting NPKS Fertilizer (Ratno) through extensive integrated marketing communication. “Ratno” is a balanced fertilizer containing a proper mixture of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and Sulfur (S) which are most important nutrients for plant growth and yield. Generally, farmers apply single fertilizers in their cultivating soil which is not sufficient for multi-cultivating lands. In contrast, “Ratno” provides balanced nutrients to soil which ensures timely yield, growth, flowering and fruiting cycle. To promote the products, numbers of roadshow, haat-bazar campaign, leaflet, poster, festoon, etc. are being used vastly. ACI Fertilizer had arranged different campaigns to increase awareness on the effectiveness of the product at grassroots level. Result demonstration of different rabi crops; like – potato, mustard, spices, wheat, maize etc., training & partnership programs in collaboration with Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) has been conducted by the field force. The products are also having broader coverage from all kind of online, print and electronic media.